I am Andrea Mabellini, 27 years old.
I am a Visual Designer or maybe I am just a boy full of dreams.

I work as a designer since I was 20 years old, and I study as a designer since I was 14. Actually, I create visuals everyday, because I love digital innovation, and I think that the world wide web can improoves the world wide society. My passion is to help clients to reach those goals and satisfaction with the greatest user intefaces and navigate them with a solid user experience. In these years of experience, I have been lucky to work either with agencies, either with big brands as: Intesa San Paolo, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Jeep, Iveco, Costa Crociere, Reply, Accenture, Lierac, Phyto, Hubspot, Comau, Biennale Venezia, Seven, De Fonseca ecc...


Except to take a coffee and talk about good music


Exploring new visual trends and learning new framework is my daily routine. I create stunning templates with Photoshop as a designer, and I craft CMS with Wordpress in fast time as a developer.


A given design problem has no single right answer. UX design explores many different approaches to solving a specific user problem. User interface design is particulary about how the product is laid out.


Beautiful elements, colours, lines, geometry and making use of suitable typography ecc...I love to create traditional graphic visual as: logo, brochures, corporate image, brand identity ecc...


A series of works that I have realized on my path
Portfolio Item
MOPAR - Fiat Chrysler Automobiles UX/UI for "Accessories"
Portfolio Item
Fiat & Jeep UX for the Header
Portfolio Item
Intesa Sanpaolo UI/UX - Web Design
Portfolio Item
Ebook Responsive Landing Page Template Web Design
Portfolio Item
BEST FIT Logo Design, UI for app and Web Design
Portfolio Item
FOOD DELIVERY App Design - UX/UI template
Portfolio Item
IVECO Ux/Ui Web identity
Portfolio Item
LOVHERDOSE Logo - Packaging - Web Design
Portfolio Item
Authos - Phyto - Lierac Social Visual Design